This information sheet should not substitute a normal medical consultation. We will discuss with you the details of your complaints and offer our examination and treatment options. Experience has it that many patients forget some details after a medical consultation. This sheet is intended as a guide during our treatment. Our aim is to ensure that you understand what we do. You are suffering from chronic pain. This can have several causes. In order to treat you correctly, we need to find out the cause of the pain.

„Spinal disc„ diagnosis for example are too often and so quickly stated. X-ray examinations may help, but we mustn’t rely only on them. If you are "Pain Beginners", please consult your physician or orthopedic specialist, we offer you the most modern pain therapy techniques. As an example we list our operation in chronic back pain .The ambulatory implementation doesn’t always make sense. For complex pain, a short inpatient treatment leads often faster to the destination. This is going to be extensively discussed with you in the first conversation.

the first step in our common path is the diagnosis.
√ If the diagnosis cannot be made equal, we first perform test anesthetics. The individual structures are anaesthetized separately.
√ the test anesthesia is performed under X-rays or CT fluoroscopy to search for these individual structures
√ then you stay for 15 to 30 minutes with us and can then in principle drive home. In no event should you go with public transportation or on foot.
√ At home, you should do everything whatever hurts. For example, house cleanings, gardening, sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, bend, etc. These actions should be observed whether the otherwise you felt discomforts are lower or not.
√ an improvement in the short term is for us also meaningful.
√ the pain will be back after a few hours. Please do not be disappointed. We are not yet in the treatment.
√ if we get no clear results through the test, we have to repeat the same thing in a different structure. (This is rarely needed, because we start with the most likely cause).

We will discuss the results and decide to take a further test or make a diagnosis and propose a treatment course. What options do we have? Some services are, depending on the type of insurance, no checkout services and must be paid by the patient himself without reimbursement through the health insurance companies!

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